Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MES DEA controller and motor

Look what I got! Neat. The motor is very compact, and the vacuum pump and water pumps seem very well made. Can't wait to start the physical installation.


Peter said...

Nice, How much did it cost and what is the power level?
It seems small for a inverter, but it hard to judge from the pictures alone.



Tony said...

It's about a large shoebox sized box, heavy. It's well made. Specs can be found at www.metricmind.com. The motor+inverter was about $9k. :(

jabroon piece said...

negative pumps
It is very time intensive and complicated to create and come up with these styles as it needs additional options. It needs specifically qualified experts and gadgets, which is counter-productive as it is a small sector of the main venture.