Monday, February 5, 2007

Started taking the car apart!

Started taking the car apart this weekend, worked on it basically 5 hours each day! Lots of work but then again it's a learning process. Here's the car's current state:

Here's the engine bay:

Here's the pile of parts taken out. It really looks like a lot, and the engine isn't even out:


Anonymous said...

It looks like a cool Project Tony. I will be sure to monitor this over the coming weeks and months!


fred_dot_u said...

Tony, I hope this all goes well for you. My wife and I own a Xebra electric car: and we also have an ICE xA that would be wonderful if we could turn it into all-electric.

I want to follow your progress and your logs, but I don't see any RSS support on this site. Is this something that can be activated? RSS is extremely convenient for blogs