Friday, March 16, 2007

Changing system to AC55 Azure Dynamics

So, due to cost reasons, I'm changing my drive system from the MES DEA system (about $9k cost) to a AC55 system from Azure Dynamics (about $6k cost). Found a buyer for the MES DEA system at not too far from what I paid for it. The one thing that worries me is if the AC55 will fit properly with the drive axles. The motor itself will fit, I just don't know if the drive axles will clear! The motor's diameter including cooling fins is a massive 13.7 inches! Another thing about this motor is that it's torque is quite good, up to about 3000 RPM. Here's the torque-speed curve of the AC55/DMOC445 system (look at the "D" lines only, pink and blue):


Anonymous said...

how did you purchase your motor? and how much did each of the components cost?

Tony said...

You can contact azuredynamics directly or purchase via I'd recommend electroauto, the price list is also on their site, plus you pay for shipping, and tax (unfortunately for me, since I live in California).

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Hope you don't mind a bunch of questions :)

are you using the 'DMOC445' for the controller now as well?

The MES-DEA controller I think allowed for up to 50A of regeneration, I can't find any numbers on AD's site on their systems, when you get yours, would you mind posting the specs?

Looking at the xA,
Curb weight/GVWR: 2340/3345lbs
only leaves you a 1000lbs-

How much weight have you taken out with the engine, fuel, and exhaust systems?

How many lbs do you expect your battery to be?
How much will it cost you? (lithium batteries I've looked at are so expensive- I'm currently considering Ni-Mh.)

Thank you again!

Tony said...

Weight is quite a lot, but I'm planning on adding 400 to 600 pounds of lithium batteries, so overall, the target weight is 2600 to 2800 pounds. I'm also planning on marketing the lithium energy system, if you are interested send me an email!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony ... I am planning on converting a couple of MGs (67 MGB/GT and 57 MG Magnette) ... I am interested in your lithium energy system ... Thanks.

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