Friday, March 16, 2007

Changing system to AC55 Azure Dynamics

So, due to cost reasons, I'm changing my drive system from the MES DEA system (about $9k cost) to a AC55 system from Azure Dynamics (about $6k cost). Found a buyer for the MES DEA system at not too far from what I paid for it. The one thing that worries me is if the AC55 will fit properly with the drive axles. The motor itself will fit, I just don't know if the drive axles will clear! The motor's diameter including cooling fins is a massive 13.7 inches! Another thing about this motor is that it's torque is quite good, up to about 3000 RPM. Here's the torque-speed curve of the AC55/DMOC445 system (look at the "D" lines only, pink and blue):