Saturday, June 9, 2007

Adapter plate and motor hub adapter is being made!

So, last week, dropped off my manual transaxle and AC55 motor to Left Coast Electric to get the custom motor mount adapter and hub made! Met and talked to Reverend Gadget, and got to look around his workshop. Very interesting, and he seems busy with a lot of projects. Anyways he recommended going without the clutch, and leaving the car in second gear. I did some calculations for top speed, since my gut tells me top speed in second should be around 85mph at 10k RPM (the AC55 is rated for 8k RPM, but it can go higher):

10k RPM, 83mph
8k RPM, 67mph

Not as fast as I'd like, but decent enough. Now in third gear, assuming the car can spin at 10k RPM:

10k RPM, 121mph
8k RPM, 97mph

Much better! Anyways I used the below data for the stock tire size and gear ratios:
8.189 gear ratio for 2nd gear
876.1 revs per mile