Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got our motor/transmission back!

After being at the shop for the better part of half a year, we finally got our motor/transmission back! The shop was commissioned to make an adapter plate and adapter hub for us, but they were too busy to finish it, so we got the parts back. The work has been partially done, luckily for us they decided not to charge for the work that was done. Anyways, we can now get back to our conversion after a break of several months!

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Anonymous said...

I would not feel lucky for them not charging you, my adaptor was made in a few days if they held my motor for months with no communication they should have paid to have it done elsewhere.

Don't feel lucky, feel compelled to warn others of Left Coast Conversions poor business practices. Would you treat a customer that way? Too many people "claim" they are ev fabricators but they are not, when it comes to an adaptor plate only go to a business who delivers on time and has experience in this area, this is the most important component in a conversion.